Anyone searching for me in the blogosphere will find I’ve had a blog for some time I call HelpGov. It’s mainly just an archive now but it focussed on public services, usually in the UK.

During the Scottish independence referendum campaign I started putting my thoughts about the subject on HelpGov. I rationalised this by saying to myself that the referendum was also about the delivery of public services. But in truth it was about something very different and the two subjects increasingly jarred.

So The Nation said ‘No Thanks!’, originally No Thanks!, was my attempt to restore balance to my other blog and give myself a space to write about the referendum on 18 September.

I hoped No Thanks! would be a short life blog not needed after 18 September. I have decided to keep it alive for reasons I explain elsewhere.

For the true obsessive I also tweet about this and unrelated subjects at @rogerlwhite. In fact, I thought originally that’s all I’d need to say about the subject. But sometimes stuff just won’t fit into 140 characters.

The techie-minded amongst you may notice the WordPress address for The Nation said ‘No Thanks!’ is mercinon. Not ideal but some person who seems never to have heard of Scotland took the address ‘nothanks’ in 2009, used it to set up a blog called bleh and has never posted anything on it. Anyhow, mercinon fits quite nicely with the first article I posted on the blog.

Comments from any perspective are welcome. I moderate them but only those that or abusive or advocate illegal actions will be zapped with the ‘Trash’ button. I will edit comments if they on the margin of acceptability and changing a few words could make them acceptable. You’ll find you need to give a name and e-mail address to comment. If you want to use a pseudonym or temporary e-mail address (Google the phrase) feel free. I’m interested in views not personalities.

Unlike some folk online I have other lives outside this subject, one of which you’ll find at Dreams of Montana  (alas very much in abeyance as I write) if you want something completely different.

Footnote – that picture. The trees at the top of the No Thanks! page with the water in the distance were snapped at Loch Muick a few weeks before the referendum when I came down from Lochnagar.  It was a beautiful day in a beautiful place and, sadly some may say, the idea of this blog came to me there. No metaphor was intended, although if you wanted to you could see a long and difficult path with many obstacles in the way before breaking through to the open water of unity. Mean-spirited republicans would point out that Loch Muick is part of the Royal estate of Balmoral. But that’s OK because the SNP have said they’ll keep the monarchy. Won’t they?  


4 Responses to About

  1. Brian Speedie says:

    My wife posted this yesterday on Facebook – it happened in the leafy, well-healed Stockbridge in Edinburgh – Proud to be there today with Brian Speedie, Grant Gregor Kane and my daughter Carmen. Racially assaulted again on the way home by some folk outside a pub telling me to shut up as I am not even f******g Scottish and calling my husband a Tory Bastard. Proud to have walked back into the pub to try and explain these men I have never been a tory and I am entitled to vote as a Scottish resident. These very cultured men informed me they are left wing workers (so am I) and that Franco was a great man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It all makes a lot of sense. The beast of nationalism has been unleashed. Racism and xenophobia are rife.


  2. Brian Speedie says:

    I posted this a few days before my dear Spanish wife was racially abused again in another part of Edinburgh: – Ana was on the bus in Leith with Carmen a couple of days ago. A Yes supporter prevented her from sitting down, saying to another woman, You sit down hen, these seats are for Scottish people not for foreign people. Andrew, I’ve gone public with this. Why is our “nationalism” any less inherently dangerous than anyone else’s? How can we be so naive or arrogant to think that’s the case.


  3. John says:

    Interesting site – I would also be interested in you posting similar critiques of the Westminster govt. who are currently in such chaos and doing so much damage to the UK.


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