Has Scotland gone mad politically?

Last night there was a general election debate on BBC TV involving the six Scottish party leaders.

A woman in the audience, a nurse, asked Nicola Sturgeon an awkward question about the NHS. The details of the question and their following exchange don’t, for the purpose of this quick note, matter. What happened next does.

Even while the programme was continuing Twitter went ballistic with nationalists denouncing the questioner. The barrage of criticism and allegation continued into the night:

  • the woman was the wife of a Tory councillor
  • she had been on a recent Question Time programme as well
  • she was a Tory plant
  • she earned £30,000 a year. How could she claim to use foodbanks?
  • she should be investigated by Wings over Scotland (this from more than one of the egregious exile-in-Bath’s followers)
  • and I suspect much more that I’m pleased to say I didn’t notice.

The SNP was in the vanguard of the attack. One Westminster candidate, Joanna Cherry (yes, a senior lawyer, a QC even – something in there about standards of evidence, my lord), quickly realised that whatever she’d said or retweeted was wrong and at least had the decency to apologise. Another, Angus MacNeil, famous for all sorts of things far beyond his Western Isles constituency, merely deleted his tweet on the subject (politicians doing that are invariably caught out by the excellent Politwoops – ‘all deleted tweets from politicians’). Not to be outdone SNP MSP Sandra White (found to have made anti-semitic statements once upon a time) retweeted a denunciation that gratuitously described the nurse as ‘English.’ And an SNP branch joined in:

(They included a photo of the woman which I’ve omitted)

This morning I woke up to find the media has latched on to the subject. The Scottish Sun names the nurse (her age too in case you’re wondering), reports the specialism she works in and in which city, and includes six photos of her alleged ‘swanky’ lifestyle, culled from her Facebook page. They include what are, I am pretty sure from other comments made on Twitter, photos of her daughter. Intrusive or what? And this, from an ITV political reporter:

This was only in the ten minutes I was online before breaking off in something approaching disgust.

What, for God’s sake, have we come to?

Here was a programme meant to give politicians a chance to set out their stall, and for a studio audience to question them in an attempt, on our behalf, to hold them to account for their claims and promises.

Instead, it has turned into a witch hunt by nationalists online, some SNP politicians and at least part of the media, a witch hunt of one member of the audience who had the temerity to challenge Nicola Sturgeon robustly.

There’s more than a hint of paranoia in the nationalist response to an awkward question. The SNP do themselves and their cause no good in their participation in and connivance at this nastiness. They will pay the price.

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9 Responses to Has Scotland gone mad politically?

  1. Nessa Kennecy says:

    I hope they have put the last nail in their political coffin. Disgusting party and followers.

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  2. Rory McDougall says:

    The more nails in her and her cohorts coffins the better, and the sooner that Scotland rids itself of this nasty, bigoted, and racist party, the better our country will be.

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  3. The irony being here that the SNP would have been first in the queue to point to the atrocity of a nurse being forced to use a foodbank had the question been addressed to the Tories.

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  4. Deborah Thorpe says:

    I am totally disguised by SNP politicians and their so call followers anyone who speaks against them are accused of not being a true Scot . I hope all this helps people to see them for what they are and don’t continue to vote for them.

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  5. Island Girl says:

    Any sign of an apology from Nicola Sturgeon for the conduct of her nationalist colleagues and SNP representatives? After all, Nicola speaks for Scotland does she not???

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    • Roger White says:

      She has not apologised but she has said in The Courier today that it is unacceptable. But this sort of thing has happened time and again and in my view she and the SNP could take a much stronger stand against it. They choose not to.


  6. Jim Robertson says:

    There is something in all of this that is far darker and often overlooked.

    This nationalist strategy of attrition, of wearing people down, of questioning their motives, of their values, of trying to hijack patriotism & morph it into nationalism, dividing families & friends and by coalescing groups into allegiances; is what civil war leads to.

    Of course, those who have never experienced civil war in the UK will laugh and accuse me of hyperbole; but ultimately it only takes a small group of extremists on both sides. Perhaps I am one of those – not ready to fight physically – but angry enough with people like Cherry (amongst many in the SNP) and her support of ‘Wings’ that I’d quietly sit in deep satisfied schadenfreude should she and others come to a violent end.

    You may not chose to publish this thinking I’m advocating violence – I’m not. I’ve seen enough of it. It’s just that I would be quite unemotional if SNP politicians ever received it. The question is why would I feel that way? My only guess is that this is not a battle of ideas and the love of your people: this is a battle of power and, at best, a hatred of others. It’s after all, what nationalism thrives on.


    • Roger White says:

      On a small factual point presumably at the end of your second paragraph you mean ‘is what leads to civil war’?

      I understand what you are saying and why but I disagree with it. I also disagree profoundly with the SNP’s sole purpose of separation and I find many of the people they attract to their cause deeply unpleasant. But when all is said and done they are a democratic political party – they stand for election, if they lose they accept the result. I want to fight them, but only at the ballot box. Having said that, the only criterion I use for not approving comments for publication is if people are abusive, which you are not. Thank you for your comment.


  7. Malky Waugh says:

    You say if they lose they accept the result. I must be missing a point here. Scotland voted in a once in a generation referendum to remain a part of the United Kingdom. United Kingdom voted to leave the EU. The SNP have not accepted either vote and would not know democracy if it smacked them in the ‘gub’!

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