An open letter to Gina Miller about the SNP


Dear Mrs Miller

I see from the press that your campaign group Best for Britain has not only raised over £340,000 in less than two weeks but is thinking of supporting the general election funds of at least some SNP candidates. I congratulate you and your colleagues on your achievement but urge you not to support the SNP in any guise. There are three reasons for this.

The first lies in your organisation’s very title ‘Best for Britain.’ No group that wants the best for Britain should seriously consider supporting a political party whose over-riding aim is the break-up of the country. It’s there in their constitution – ‘The aims of the party shall be (a) Independence for Scotland …’ They will talk about their desire to be EU members, their will to form a progressive alliance in British politics, their social democrat roots. The truth is that for the SNP independence, I prefer to call it separation, trumps everything else. Indeed, polling suggests a substantial part of their membership, about 36%, voted to leave the EU and there are said to be considerable tensions within the party on the subject. If push came to shove they would choose independence over EU membership and have recently been talking in ambiguous terms about alternative relationships for a separate Scotland (EEA or EFTA membership for example). The supreme irony of any Better for Britain support for them might mean, if they are successful, that there will be no Britain left to support.

Second, any support Best for Britain offers the SNP is likely to make little difference to the overall balance of power in the Commons. They will probably lose a few seats in the election anyhow and what happens to the Britain-wide parties is more likely to impact on whether parliament rejects any deal that does not measure up as best for Britain. If Best for Britain wants to support candidates in Scotland it could no better than look at suitable Liberal Democrat candidates (and no, I’m not a member). They already have one MP, for Orkney and Shetland, and have good prospects in Gordon, Caithness Sutherland & Easter Ross, Ross Skye & Lochaber, Fife North East, Edinburgh West, Perth & Perthshire North, and Dunbartonshire East. That’s quite a list and you know that Lib Dem MPs will not only be arguing for the same aims you have, they are also pro-British.

Third, should you choose to support SNP candidates know that you will get little or nothing in return. They are already well-funded by a large membership, any additional funding will be marginal, and hardly noticed by them. They will always put their own interest above that of Britain’s and will vote (or abstain) in the Commons accordingly. To use your own words, they will not be ‘committed to keeping all options open’ because only one option interests them – the break-up of Britain.

If you do read this letter, I thank you for considering its contents and hope you feel able to share it with your Best for Britain colleagues. Unlike some who will see this letter on my blog, I do feel sympathetic to your aims. But regardless of their views, the majority of voters in Scotland want to remain in Britain and would prefer, I am sure like you, to argue our differences out together, not, as the SNP wishes, to break up our country.

Yours sincerely



SNP MPs get boost from Gina Miller fund to stop hard Brexit – Scotsman article

Best for Britain – web site

SNP seats vulnerable to the Liberal Democrats – my own guess

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10 Responses to An open letter to Gina Miller about the SNP

  1. Sandy says:

    UK is heading down the ‘swanee’ due to Westminster’s governance. It has treated Scotland as a cash cow for too long. It has failed to heed the warnings so can you blame the Scots? WM has borrowed £billions on Scotland’s assets & given nothing in return. Read the McRhone report, hidden away for years. Scotland paying £4b per year interest on loans that were entirely spent in England/Wales. How would you react if your neighbour took out a loan & charged you the interest?
    Cameron made an ass of himself when he came out with EVEL. In other words, he endorsed the fact that WM was the government of England. All promises/pledges of the Indyref were reneged on. That signifies a character of very low moral standards, a cheat, a liar, untrustworthy & unreliable, albeit he was supported & encouraged by similar despicable colleagues. He may have resigned but the rest of the trash is still there.
    Ask yourself, would you do business with them.. They make back street car dealers appear as saints.


    • Roger White says:

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. You won’t be surprised that there’s very little I agree with in what you say. I’m afraid it’s characteristic of the occasional nationalist who passes this way that you don’t in any way address the points in the post to which you say you’re responding, but just have a general blast at many other issues. Many of your ‘facts’ I suspect are unsustainable, for example that ‘Westminster’ has treated Scotland as a ‘cash cow.’ I’d be interested to see the serious academic/economic evidence for that claim. Similarly, your statement that ‘all the promises/pledges of the indyref were reneged on.’ I’ve looked quite closely at that in other posts on this blog and it’s just not true. Finally, if you look on the ‘About’ page you’ll see the only reason I don’t publish comments is if they are abusive. You sail close to the wind with your comments about Cameron and the ‘rest of the trash.’ You’ll not find me using similar language on this blog about any of the politicians I disagree with so if you choose to comment again, please keep it civil.


  2. Sandy says:

    Ok. Perhaps I did go over the score being rather uncivil but you get my drift.
    With regard to the cash cow comment, may I ask who you consulted regarding the economics, etc .I have previously referred to the McRhone report which we all know was hidden away, stamped ‘top secret’. May I also refer to the John Jappy report. It’s on the Web. Go on, have a look, then comment.
    I assume you’ve also consulted GERS. This has proved to be somewhat artificial, it being based on assumptions. Bear in mind , this is assimilated by the treasury & published by the Scottish government as it is required to do so. GERS was initiated by, if my memory is correct, by Ian Lang as a ‘weapon’ to be used against the Labour party.
    Then we have export figures, oft quoted, of how much of Scotland’s trade is with the rUK. How much of that trade is re-exported through English ports & are subsequently reported as English exports, the figures being compiled from ‘port of export’. Further, some time ago, I happened upon a report that Scotland had exported last year, circa £500 million of whisky & England had exported £3.4b. Is there a plethora of illicit stills down south?
    You have to agree that figures are figures & can be manipulated in many ways.
    I know that I have gone off the thread but this is also a somewhat meek apology for my ‘rant’. I hasten to add that I am neither the jealous or greedy type but I believe in justice & fairness. Those who do not meet this critertia should be dealt with accordingly.
    I am approaching my 7th decade & have travelled the world &, believe me, have seen enough to justify my justice & fairness statement. I have seen what Empires can do & it is not very nice in many cases.
    Finally, you will gather that I am an ardent Scot.


  3. David Cushman says:

    “McRhone report”? Hmm, it’s McCrone. Written over 40 years ago. How relevant can its economic analysis and forecasts be today? “Jappy report”? All I found from googling are a few entries on Wings over Scotland, Jappy’s blog for which I could find no entries past 2014, and Jappy’s tweets that seem to stop as of July 2016. I read some of the entries and tweets, and none of them meet my definition of “serious academic/economic evidence” that Roger White asks for. (I am an academic Ph.D. economist and know good evidence when I see it.)

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  4. Sandy says:

    Aye, but evidence & figures can be manipulated as they often are Truth will prevail.
    My reference to Mr Jappy & Mr McCrone is to highlight the so called trust we are supposed to have in our ‘leaders’.
    Sorry, I don’t trust them.


    • Sam Duncan says:

      And what makes you think the nationalists are any better? Everything I’ve seen over the last decade of their administration at Holyrood tells me that, if anything, they’re even worse. Just for starters, remember the “solid legal advice” they had on EU membership that, after a formal FOI request was submitted, turned out never to have existed? I may be wrong, but as far as I’m aware, Sturgeon is the only one of Her Majesty’s serving Ministers to have been forced, by law, to admit to Parliament that she’d been lying to it through her teeth for two years. (Of course, she was only Deputy FM back then. Alec must have been busy that day.) And some of us are old enough to remember when casting even a modicum of doubt upon the GERS figures was enough to get you branded a brainwashed unionist running-dog traitor.

      No, you can’t trust political “leaders” as far as you could throw the whole lot of ’em. What else is new? Seeking perfection in politics will always lead to disappointment, bitterness, and recrimination. Cynical? Maybe. But I’d rather that than delude l myself something wonderful is just beyond the bright horizon. It never is.


      • Sandy says:

        You’ve had years & years of cheating, lying, hypocrisy & whatever else & have ended up with a GB & NI that is billions & billions in debt yet the richer get richer & the poorer get poorer. A government is for the people, not the chosen few.
        The Scottish government has proved that it is for the people by the people, even with one hand tied behind its back. Yes, I agree, we do have 2nd & 3rd rate characters who sit in Holyrood who have little or no interest the well-being of their country. These are the ones who epitomise your opinion of most politicians.
        With regard to your statement, ‘solid legal advice’, I think you will find that it was ‘opinion’ which, in turn, leaves it open to debate which again, in turn, would have to be decided by the judiciary. The whole thing was blown out of proportion by our self controlled press, owned by non-residential, non-tax paying barons who are only interested in money & power. They do get a couple things right, tho’, date & price, the rest, more than a pinch of salt is required, eg, Express, Mail, Telegraph.
        If you are resident south of the border, might I advise you to have a look at ‘Wings over Scotland’, a blog by a resident of Bath. He tends to get the truth behind some of the outrageous statements printed by our ‘caring’ press.
        Good luck & I hope you do not fall ill in England.


  5. Roger White says:

    I’m happy you guys have had an exchange here but the hook you’re hanging all this on is a post about something completely different. I’m afraid, Sandy, that your comment about ‘a blog by a resident of Bath’ draws a line under your contributions here. The person concerned is not only one of the biggest purveyors of untruth about separation, he’s also abusive and foul mouthed on Twitter. If you can’t understand that then I’m afraid there’s not much else you’ll understand and any further contributions you try to make will be deleted. Don’t think this means I concede any of the claims you make but life is short and here is not the place for endless repetition of points you’ve already made.


    • Sam Duncan says:

      I had a reply for him, but fair enough, Roger. Your blog, your rules.

      (I totally agree about Cambpell, by the way. I ran into him on Usenet computer groups back in the day, and he was a self-righteous, obnoxious, wee nyaff even then. And that’s me trying to be civil.)


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