The fourth great lie of history

Years ago, a Canadian told me what he described as the three great lies of history – ‘The cheque’s in the post,’ ‘It was wonderful for me too honey,’ and ‘Hi, I’m from the government, I’m here to help.’

Well, it’s slightly dated and slightly feeble but now we can add a fourth great lie, the SNP’s

It’s not about independence.

Over the years you’ll have seen this old untruth dragged out whenever the SNP feel under threat and/or want to marshal more votes for their sole purpose – of separation.

And you’ll probably remember the second, associated lie – it’s about a stronger voice for Scotland, keeping the Tories out of power, a progressive alliance/coalition at Westminster, and so on and so on.

With two elections due soon (Scottish councils and UK parliament) the lie’s being deployed yet again. Trouble is, not everyone’s on message. So while you can find lies like this from Nicola Sturgeon:

and this, from Sturgeon’s election agent and Glasgow councillor:

you can also find truths like this, from a failed depute leader candidate in the wake of Stewart Hosie’s resignation:

and of course this, again from Sturgeon:

(if it transcends all those things it sure transcends council elections).

The lie is so blatant and so well known that I swithered before drafting this short post. But sometimes it’s helpful to be reminded of one of the deceptions at the heart of the SNP’s constant attempts to con more naïve voters and ‘progressives’ outwith Scotland about their sole purpose.

Still, from a political party like the SNP, what can you expect? Perhaps my only error is in calling this the fourth great lie of history. It is of course the fifth, following the infamous:

Once in a generation opportunity.

Unless you’re a die-hard nationalist don’t be fooled by the SNP.

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One Response to The fourth great lie of history

  1. RENEE DUNN says:

    😧 Wake up Scotland !!! 👀 eyes wide open!!!
    SNP are not good for us.
    Let’s get our country back from the unrest they have caused….SCOTLAND for all ..,
    and I want OUR flag back..,..
    Get rid … 😖😕😁


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