Pete Wishart SNP MP links the Scottish council elections to the ‘rape clause’

If I wasn’t aware of Pete Wishart SNP MP from other crass and ill-judged behaviour (see numerous examples here) I’d have said this is almost unbelievable.

Set aside the mere details in the tweet above that this long-standing member of the House of Commons and chair of a select committee is so ill-educated he doesn’t even know how to spell ‘absolutely’ or ‘boak’ (a good Scottish word for vomit, something I felt like doing when I saw the tweet).

Set aside, if you can, that here is a man who believes it appropriate to link how you vote in a council election with a hugely sensitive issue that is absolutely nothing to do with those elections.

Set aside also that the implication of his words may be defamatory to many individual candidates and some political parties.

What is both disturbing and repulsive is that he thinks it appropriate to use a smutty playground synonym for masturbation in the context of a controversy that is focussed on the rape of women, to use it in fact three times.

It’s disturbing enough that when I just checked the number of people on Twitter who ‘Liked’ his tweet, it had risen to 408. If you’re thinking of responding with ‘Lighten up, it’s just a word,’ don’t. It’s the wrong word in the wrong place.

Sadly, there are fools a-plenty out there in cyberspace. We all expect it. We should not expect it of an elected parliamentarian.  If I were to use the ‘W’ word about anyone in this context it would be about Mr Wishart, although I’ll settle for the more decent ‘idiot.’

In between writing this and checking his Twitter page the above tweet has disappeared from Wishart’s timeline. Someone at SNP HQ with more tactical sense if not more taste has clearly had a word. Too late, Pete, too late.

Update 9 p.m. 14 April. Wishart now says he only retweeted someone else’s meme and he found it an amusing echo of a well-known ‘Chewing the Fat’ sketch. That makes his offence all the more egregious because he knowingly linked it to the rape clause.

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7 Responses to Pete Wishart SNP MP links the Scottish council elections to the ‘rape clause’

  1. Is he correct about leaving a box empty being less effective than numbering last?


  2. wujeanty says:

    Roll on ‘independence’: the economic hurricane that will hit Scotland will sweep Wishart, all his vile crew, and all the idiots who vote for them, into the dustbin of history.

    Incidentally, in thinking about the morons in Perth who vote for Wishart, I have to hand it to the SNP for cottoning on to, and ruthlessly exploiting, the central flaw in democracies that such luminaries as Thomas Jefferson, HL Mencken, and Adolf Hitler were all alive to: that the majority of the electorate are as thick as pigswill. Thus, it strikes me that, short of independence, the only way that the SNP can be defeated is if the unionist parties acknowledge this truth and, basically, lie bigger than the SNP. If I were running one of those parties, I would be hiring someone like Nixon/Reagan/Trump hatchet man Roger Stone, who I think would have few qualms about getting down into the sewer with Wishart and his mob, and giving them a dose of medicine even more bitter than the kind that they currently dish out.


    • Roger White says:

      Not sure I agree with everything here but there’s certainly a lot of truth in what you say about the SNP’s mastery of the black arts! Thanks as always for your comments.


  3. craig miller says:

    You see in a democracy ….Those that LOSE elections forfeit the right to OBLIGATE those that CONVINCINGLY WIN those elections to follow thru on the LOSERS agenda …If you wish to pretend to represent the Scottish electorate in ANY ASPECT OF POLICY …First you must win an election standing on a Manifesto …..Similar to that upon which the WINNERS in this particular instance indeed stood ….Hope that makes representative democracy more intelligible to you …You stood AGAINST another Referendum ……You LOST


    • Roger White says:

      I understand representative democracy very well but can’t see how your comments relate to what I said about Pete Wishart, which was nothing to do with any party’s policy. My point was about his continually inappropriate behaviour for an elected representative. That’s all. Still, thanks for commenting.


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