My hope for Holyrood 2017

It’s not a love-in. Can we have a little less of this in 2017 please …

holyrood-consensus-1 holyrood-consensus-2 holyrood-consensus-3 holyrood-consensus-4 holyrood-consensus-5 holyrood-consensus-6

… together with a lot more government from one of you and a lot, lot more opposition from the rest of you? (Presiding officer excepted)


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3 Responses to My hope for Holyrood 2017

  1. Albert says:

    Well done Roger on your blogs in 2016. It is important that this is maintained and we drive the numbers that believe in independence down to long term levels of 30%. The ‘Better Together’ campaign had no answer to the SNP machine in 2014 but now we are only to aware of their threat. More power to your pen!

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  2. Ken Patrick says:

    Well said and not before time.

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  3. Sam Duncan says:

    I’m not holding my breath. The one-party-with-many-heads thing appears to be woven into the fabric of Holyrood. And actually, I think that, as much as anything else, goes to explain the surprising resurgence of the Tories: Ruth Davidson actually seems to have a wee bit of fight in her. The constant refrain from Trump’s supporters in 2016 was that the Congressional GOP “doesn’t fight”. Couldn’t we unionists say much the same about our elected representatives? No wonder the only one of them who does have some faint semblance of a backbone is doing relatively well. (And let The Donald be a warning to all of them: if you don’t fight, the Unionist majority will look for someone who will, and you probably won’t like who they find.)

    Anyway, happy New Year, Roger, and more power to your elbow in 2017. I think you were right the other day about “peak-SNP”, but they’re still going to take some shifting. KBO.

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