An SNP response to my post on their colonising the third sector

Sometimes the minutiae of Twitter tells you a bigger story.

As with all my posts, the most recent, How the SNP colonises the third sector – the case of the Scottish Book Trust and the First Minister’s Reading Challenge, appeared on my Twitter timeline with a link for anyone wanting to read it. Quite a few did and after a few hours this tweet popped up:


Mr McLean, as his Twitter profile confirms, turns out to be an SNP councillor for Partick West in Glasgow.

I thought ‘barking mad conspiracy theory’ was a little strong for a 1,000-word piece in which I laid out the detailed evidence leading to my claim in respect of the Scottish Book Trust and the First Minister’s Reading Challenge, so I replied with this:


which I trust you will agree is neither intemperate nor abusive. Still, I was just mildly irritated by the implication of ‘barking mad’ and the idea that I was a conspiracy theorist. So a quick check of Kenny’s timeline revealed him retweeting this:


and when I gently pointed this out to him:


I was blocked.

Of course. Meantime, some proportion of his 2,364 followers will conclude I’m a barking mad conspiracy theorist.

That causes me no pain. Anyone taking a position opposing Scottish nationalism and the SNP is used to it and it’s how some SNP politicians use social media – pile in, insinuate, retreat, then cut off communication.

What very few of these people will do is actually leave a comment on the blog arguing a counter-case or refuting evidenced claims. Some just don’t want to engage beyond the flippant ‘barking mad’ level of debate. Some wouldn’t be seen dead contributing to debate on an opponent’s blog because that might give it credence. Some won’t even read what they’re condemning. And some, I guess, know that a particular post is irrefutable and prefer to stay away.

As I always say, comments on this blog are open to any point of view that isn’t abusive and should Mr McLean wish to add his thoughts on the post that so concerns him I will publish them.

But to return to G A Ponsonby, a man who thinks that if someone breaks wind in the BBC’s Pacific Quay premises it’s a unionist plot to pollute the atmosphere of the dear green place. His Twitter ‘poll’ (inverted commas because in no way scientific) found 70% of his nearly 1,600 respondents believed a technical hitch the BBC had with broadcasting part of Nicola Sturgeon’s visit to Dublin was due to ‘corruption.’ And Councillor McLean has the brass neck to imply I’m a conspiracy theorist.

That’s the great thing for conspiracy theorists. It’s not about evidence, it’s about belief. Moon landings, anyone?

Footnote. Having blocked me, Mr McLean tweets about me behind my back:

mclean-5I’m still not sure if he’s read the original post but I’m happy to donate a modest sum to the charity of his choice if he can find the words ‘sinister conspiracy’ in the piece. As for ‘zoomer’ he clearly doesn’t know what the word means. Oh well, second time he’s given the post free publicity.

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8 Responses to An SNP response to my post on their colonising the third sector

  1. Irene Laker says:

    It was actually the ‘third sector ‘ piece that made me subscribe to your blog. I thought it was a very reasoned article with evidence to back it up. As am also ‘blocked’ by many of the Indy or bust side, I know exactly what you mean ! They just want to live inside their own little bubble and ignore what is really going on in Scotland. Solid information and facts mean nothing to them in their quest. Sad, really.


  2. When confronted with uncomfortable truths the SNP place their hands over their ears and shout out loud NAH,NAH,NAH then a few abusive derogatory insults then dis engage. Whatever you do dont talk about the Oil, or the £15 BILLION deficit, or the Police Scotland cuts, or the NHS cuts or – – – -it goes on and on with only one , single , sole, solitary agenda , a neverendum referendum till they bludgeon the Scottish people into submission and independence in a European Union.

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  3. An excellent piece Roger. I knew the Scottish Book Trust people when I worked at HarperCollins, know nothing of current people so can’t comment on SBT specifically but in general we should all be concerned at the way state funded bodies can be be filled with time servers. True since Babylon of course, but as Kenneth Roy pointed out, an awful lot of loyal party people seem to get rewarded in Scotland.

    Funnily enough, this is one of the reasons the Irish senate – which welcomed Sturgeon so enthusiastically – attracts so much opprobrium and why Sinn Fein, Fine Gael and Labour want it abolished.

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  4. weesandysays says:

    Conspiracy Theorists are a large part of the Nationalist following, including James Scott of the so called Scottish Resistance who is a user of the David Icke Website and a believer of Flying Saucers and Brain control as seen here


    • Roger White says:

      Thanks for your comment. I agree absolutely about the Scottish Resistance or whatever they’re calling themselves now. However, I regard them more as rather bizarre entertainment value, very funny sometimes but unintentionally so. I think some of the mainstream nationalist groupings are more dangerous.


  5. Polly says:

    I follow your Twitter feed and sometimes read your blog , I am pro indy for Scotland but I read and listen to others points of view . I am not a member of any party and have voted both labour ,SNP and for our local green councillor in the local elections. However I can’t help feeling when I read some of your posts that sturgeon could find the cure for cancer and you would still put a negative spin on it.


    • Roger White says:

      Ha! Well, there’s something in your comment – to the extent that my blog is from the point of view of someone who wants the one thing the SNP don’t, staying together as part of Britain/the UK. So I’m unlikely to go out of my way to find things that boost their position. Having said that, you can find a few positive things I say about individual SNP and other nationalists (you might have to search). And there’s one or two I don’t intend to publicise! Thanks for your comment.


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