No. 1 – SNP MP Pete Wishart


No.2 – SNP MP Mhairi Black


No. 3 – SNP councillor and Nicola Sturgeon’s election agent: it’s an ‘SNP hashtag’


No. 4 – Publicly-funded political institution that should know better, unlike scores of innocents who used the hashtag because it seemed a nice inclusive thing to say and they didn’t realise it was a political party’s slogan


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2 Responses to #WeAreScotland

  1. wujeanty says:

    It’s interesting that Stirling Uni would use the words, ‘Our campus is a better place for having them’. Given that it is a university, you would like to think that they would have some objective empirical evidence backing up this statement, rather than it just being a meaningless platitude – rather like the old chestnut repeated by politicians ad infinitum, ‘Diversity is strength’.

    If anyone from Stirling University is reading this, could you please point me in the direction of your research backing up this statement? – eg, you might have something demonstrating how the more nationalities you have there leads to better results when compared to periods when there are fewer nationalities represented? This would be a fine demonstration of the university being ‘better’ with more nationalities. Problem is, I doubt very much that such evidence exists, and that no such research has ever been carried out, and that your statement is therefore infantile SJW virtue-signalling. But I would be pleased to be proven wrong.

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  2. I doubt that it is a coincidence that the SNP started using this hashtag a few days before the Scotland football team plays 2 World Cup qualitying matches.


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