Yes/No, Remain/Leave: how should Scots approach their post-Brexit world?

Three days on from the EU referendum there’s a lot of loose talk about what Scotland (i.e. our devolved Scottish SNP government) ‘will’ do – like hold indyref2 and join the EU as an independent country, all, as the great Tommy Cooper used to say, ‘Just like that.’ Always followed by his cadaverous laugh – ‘Ha ha ha.’

That’s how I feel at the moment – lots of unrealistic expectations being stoked by the grievance chimps of the SNP. Ha ha ha.

There is, however, no doubt that the second (EU) referendum held so soon after the first (Scottish) adds layers of complication for many people. For example, I’ve seen an estimate that 70% of the ‘Leave’ votes cast in Scotland may have been by people who describe themselves as SNP supporters. That won’t be spoken much of at SNP HQ as they go into ‘the will of the Scottish people’ mode yet again.

And on the other, my, side there are people who were united entirely by the Scottish separation question who find themselves divided by Brexit.

So I’ve prepared this handy little grid as an aide-memoire for both myself and as a ‘show card’ for friend and foe – sorry, for people of all views. It’s based on how people voted in the two referendums and, apart from deliberate spoiling of papers, covers all the possible combinations of Yes/No and Remain/Leave. I’m not claiming it predicts all the potential sorts of rational or irrational future behaviour that people in any camp or none might indulge in. But it’ll help me sort the UK sheep from the separatist goats and would be my advice on how each segment of the voting population should consider their future actions. Enjoy.

brexit diagram

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