The Scotland Chain Saw Massacre

chain saw

I rarely if ever take someone else’s material and put it here without adding my own gloss or comment. But this simple tweet from the excellent and highly amusing @ScottyNational (follow him/her/them if you don’t already) sums up a profound truth about current Scottish politics.

Twitter is so ephemeral I thought it deserved a slightly longer life and probable future use when nationalists make the claim that it’s only their opponents who are obsessed by the subject. I’ll do them a link to this, although sadly some will say ‘I’m not reading that!’ as they have before in the spirit of open-mindedness that characterises so much nationalism.

Thanks Scotty.

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One Response to The Scotland Chain Saw Massacre

  1. Completely appropriate. Why do I go on about not wanting a second referendum? Because nationalists keep demanding one. No other reason. If they shut up about it, I wouldn’t say another word about it. But they are the ones who are obsessed.

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