Taking people for fools – the SNP and the people of Scotland …

If you’d dipped into my blog earlier today (15 February) you’d have seen this post was about someone who tweeted anonymously that he was a junior doctor from England who’d had enough of the English NHS and had accepted a job in Scotland. No sooner had he said this than various SNP luminaries, starting with the first minister, piled in to welcome him, commiserate, compare the English NHS unfavourably with Scotland, and hope that others would follow him.

There were some strange anomalies in the story the person concerned told – how they reacted to comments on Twitter, two photos of a medical conference and a cut-and-paste list of medical specialisms at Edinburgh University that disappeared overnight, whether they were coming to carry out research or take up a junior doctor post, and a reluctance to answer some straight questions, not to mention an oddly colloquial style of writing for a medic. They were also anonymous, as many people are on Twitter.

Anyhow, although the person concerned ignored a direct request to set my suspicious mind at rest, two people I trust must have done some hunting around and were able to show me that he did indeed exist and was coming to Scotland. There were aspects of the way some SNP figures responded to him that I think would still merit comment. But since my response was based on an initial misunderstanding I have deleted the entire post.

If you’ve arrived here alerted by my earlier tweet or someone else’s retweet, my apologies. This is the first time I’ve chosen to do this in two years’ blogging. Thanks.

Footnote 3.30 p.m. the @MasterGash Twitter account that gave rise to my original post seems to have disappeared. Something funny’s going on there although it may not be what I originally thought. The original text of my post and the screenshots accompanying it have been saved offline for possible re-use.



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2 Responses to Taking people for fools – the SNP and the people of Scotland …

  1. After reading through his very short tweeting history, I have to say that I think that he is a junior doctor. A high proportion of his small number of tweets praise junior doctors and the NHS or attack Jeremy Hunt. There is also one from October 2015 thanking JK Rowling for her support, with a link to a YouTube video about junior doctors, so I doubt that he is a Scottish Nationalist.

    On the other hand, the speed of response from somebody as busy as the First Minister suggests that she was expecting the tweet. Or perhaps she spends most of her day searching for herself on social media rather than actually using her powers to run Scotland?

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  2. Ummm, he IS a real person (not, as some suggest a troll, or a made-up account) –
    [link deleted – I accept what you say and so there’s no reason to highlight his online presence]
    but he’s not going to be treating anyone down the local Health Centre, is he…


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