Scottish Parliament elections 2016: SNP foreign policy objectives

[The SNP’s election manifesto as they’d like to write it]

We will proceed as if we had won the 2014 referendum and were an independent country from 24 March 2016.

In hosting the secretariat of the British-Irish Council in Edinburgh, we will seek closer ties with progressive political forces throughout the island of Ireland, in particular Sinn Fein.

We will pursue new alliances with progressive independence forces in the European Union in Catalonia, the Basque Country and Flanders.

We will aim to open a Palestinian consulate in Edinburgh as soon as possible in the life of the parliament.

We will train more women Syrian peace keepers and urge negotiation with Da-esh as an alternative to containment by military action.

We will seek observer status at OPEC with the aim of campaigning for higher oil prices.

We will promote the Auld Alliance with France notwithstanding our opposition to the French government’s policy of seeking to counter Da-esh-inspired terrorism.

We will campaign for the removal of nuclear weapons and submarines from Scottish soil and waters while simultaneously arguing for the eventual admission of an independent nuclear-free Scotland to NATO.

We will seek to deepen and broaden our nascent ties with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

While nurturing our Scottish Jewish community we will resolutely oppose any Israeli policy that impinges on the rights of the Palestinian people.

We will focus our foreign aid efforts on Malawi in recognition of the fact that Scottish missionary David Livingstone was there once and the country’s second city is named after his birthplace of Blantyre in South Lanarkshire.

We will raise Scotland’s international profile by actively seeking speaking engagements for the First Minister at international events, venues and institutions.

We will keep the international situation under continuous review and respond as appropriately in order to maximise the advantage to our national aspirations.

Explanatory note for new readers. Foreign policy is not a devolved function of the Scottish parliament. This, however, has not concerned the SNP at Holyrood so far. The aspirations listed here have already been articulated by SNP politicians or can be inferred from things they have said or done.

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One Response to Scottish Parliament elections 2016: SNP foreign policy objectives

  1. Sam Duncan says:

    “Foreign policy is not a devolved function of the Scottish parliament.”

    The point being that the Executive is spending money on it while complaining that it doesn’t have enough for things that are. Is it much in the great scheme of things? Probably not, but it’s still none of their business.

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