Season’s greetings from the SNP

mackay irony

There’s irony. And then there’s SNP irony.

This is part of a message tweeted the other day by the unfortunate Derek Mackay MSP, SNP minister for (lack of) transport. I can’t be bothered to include the photo that followed, of some multi-coloured video wall showing all sorts of humongous success. It includes a new-born baby, as someone on Twitter pointed out, as if nationalism were responsible for Scottish sex lives too. I know they want to control everything but that’s ridiculous. If you’re desperate to see the pictures of their triumphs I’m sure you’ll find the video wall image limping around somewhere in cyberspace.

A truthful wall of success would have included an image of an opinion poll result and photos of 56, (I’m sorry, you know where this is going) 55, 54 … MPs.

Because in all honesty, that’s just about it – public popularity, although never as much as they claim and anyhow diminishing with each new opinion poll.

For the record, because it is important to keep it in public gaze, here are the SNP’s most recent phenomenal successes:

  • the continuing disgrace of a bodged Scottish police reorganisation, with Audit Scotland reporting a potential ‘cumulative funding gap of over £80 million by 2018/19’ (para. 20) and £21 million missing (para. 11) from a ‘reform budget’ of £67.5 million provided by the Scottish government in 2014/15 to help ease the transition from nine forces to one
  • major failure on an IT project for NHS24, originally costed at £75.8 million, currently estimated at £117.4 million, a cost overrun of £41 million and running years late, also reported by Audit Scotland (thank God for auditors, eh?)
  • and of course, the phenomenal success of the unplanned closure of the Forth road bridge due to reduced maintenance budgets courtesy partly of Derek Mackay but more importantly his predecessors and the SNP government in general.

There’s the additional failure of the government in their 2016/17 budget to use their new powers to tax and to reform. It’s called wimping out in advance of an election and may form the subject of a future post.

All this can be added to many more ‘successes’ already in the public domain and touched on by No Thanks! previously.

The SNP wish you a Happy Christmas and, er, a Prosperous New Year.

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