SNP grievances – a brief update

Back in July, I recorded and analysed a month of nationalist grievances. It was an enlightening if wearing experience. Various friendly faces asked me to keep tabs on the party’s continuing flood of moans blaming Westminster for … well, just about anything negative they can think of. The SNP no longer place all their press releases on their updated web site. So what follows is a very partial and incomplete list of gripes I’ve noticed recently.

  • Police Scotland (and the Scottish fire and rescue service) have to pay VAT, unlike their regional predecessors). Sundry SNP politicians spoke of the iniquity of this ‘political act’ despite it being flagged up in advance as a consequence of a national force.
  • EVEL – English votes for English laws in the Commons. The introduction of proposed legislation to enact the UK government’s promise.
  • The loss of jobs in the steel industry. The UK government will not take a Scottish minister with them to lobby the EU for action.
  • The BBC … continued, not only Alex Salmond’s ongoing complaints about their political editor Nick Robinson, but also renewed attempts on the back of charter renewal to make the BBC ‘federal,’ i.e. break it up and get control of Scottish broadcasting.
  • The Vow … also continued, the hypocritical moan about it failing to deliver what it never said it would.
  • Triggers. Trigger Happy TV. Roy Rogers and Trigger. Triggers for indyref2. Already dealt with by No Thanks! Despite the Sturgeon ca’ canny approach to another referendum expect a continuing trickle of mostly spurious reasons by individual off-message SNP politicians that X, or Y or even Z is the trigger for another referendum.
  • ‘Not a single penny of the tax on that whisky [exports] comes to Scotland’ – Joan McAlpine SNP MSP fundamentally misunderstands taxation of spirits and of exports (her errors are explained here).
  • The name of the new Glasgow hospital – the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital. It offended some SNP politicians on the basis that it’s named after, er, the head of state the SNP said they’d keep on after independence.
  • Labour because … well, a long list of complaints about them, all fuelled by the possibility that their new leadership might appeal to some of the SNP’s mainly-new leftish supporters.
  • Alex Salmond (allegedly) objects to proposals to shorten Remembrance Sunday ceremony by having opposition leaders lay their wreaths together.
  • Ronny Cowan SNP MP objects on Twitter to ITV rugby world cup commentators ‘talking about England.’
  • A new proto-grievance (see the ‘recorded and analysed’ links above for the concept) came in the shape of a Commons question implying that Scotland might not receive its ‘fair share’ of a new apprenticeship levy.

We haven’t however heard any complaints (or positive comments) about:

  • the UK government’s investment of £16 million in a centre of excellence at the aforementioned Queen Elizabeth hospital
  • the Lords’ defeat of the UK government’s tax credit proposals.

A quick Google search will reveal something about grievances that are unreferenced. Any additions would be very welcome. Sort of.

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