Catalonia and the hubris of the SNP

Contains a rude word – because I’m so fed up with the SNP

The Herald had a headline yesterday in the wake of the Catalan election. It read:

SNP offer to mediate in Catalonian power crisis … Sturgeon ‘could put together team’ to help rivals in Spanish constitutional deadlock.

I don’t know the source of the ‘offer’ as I don’t buy the Herald, I’ve reached my free limit of articles to read on their web site, and I’m not going to cough up good money to find out more. The SNP, probably wisely, don’t seem to have issued a media release about their offer.

Let’s assume the news is correct.

Are these idiots serious?

The SNP offering to mediate between Catalonian and Spanish politicians would be like Vidkun Quisling offering to mediate between Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin. All allusions to Nazism are offensive to the SNP (I know they’re not Nazis) but I’ve been called a quisling so many times by nationalists that I’m past caring.

Of course the SNP’s ‘offer’ is, excuse me, spurious bollocks. They’re experts at that sort of game. If they were serious they would have made a joint approach with the UK government, a bit like nationalist and unionist politicians in Northern Ireland have been known to talk jointly to people locked in other seemingly endless conflicts elsewhere in the world. I mean they could do that, couldn’t they, because they’ve striven so hard to work in a spirit of compromise and conciliation with Westmonster since they lost the referendum. Haven’t they?

And while we’re at it, let’s have less of this ‘triumph for Catalan independence’ nonsense, as evinced in this tweet by the appalling Paul Monaghan SNP MP:

monaghan on cataloonia

Clearly the man has as firm a grasp on the basics of arithmetic as his party does on the outcome of the Scottish independence referendum. Observe:

scotland catalonia results

All figures rounded to nearest percentage point

The comparison seems fair since the Catalan separatists have said their election is really a plebiscite on independence from Spain. And well, well. What a surprise. In both cases a thumping great … minority. Despite years of agitation and propaganda in both countries only 37/38% of their adult populations could be bothered to get up off their butts and vote positively for separation. Where’s your ‘vote for independence’ now, Dr Monaghan?

Even now the first minister’s probably putting her conciliation (that’s conciliation not conciliatory) team through an intensive two hours training. Who’s she got on it? So much talent to choose from – Alex When’s-my-memoir-coming-out-in-Catalan? Salmond; Humza I-know-how-to-behave-in-sensitive-international-situations-Down-with-Israel-Viva-Palestine Yousaf; Christian No-one’s-heard-of-me-but-I-speak-French-that-might-help Allard MSP. And so many more of the same calibre.

Meantime, back at the ranch there’s the sensitive questions of Michelle Buy-to-rent Thomson MP, not to mention Fiona T-in-the-Park Hyslop. What a shower. And that’s without even starting on their less than mediocre governance of Scotland. I may return to that farrago shortly. Rant over. As you were.

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3 Responses to Catalonia and the hubris of the SNP

  1. Excellent Roger. The amusing thing about the SNP offer is that the Catalans may well prefer Cameron as a go-between –

    It’s complicated. I can remember when the SNP used to make sympatico noises in the general direction of Quebec Libre until they realised that Scots-Canadians were not inclined towards any trans-pond ‘Auld Alliance’ – indeed Scots in Quebec, like other minorities, shafted the independence campaign.

    ‘Catalonia is not Spain’ as the slogan has it – It’s not Scotland either. And Madrid now has other things to worry about rather than Gibraltar!

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  2. The Herald article does have lengthy quotes from both Nicola Sturgeon and Fiona Hyslop. I assume that I am not breaking the Herald’s copyright by pasting only quotes from the two politicians below, but feel free to delete this if you disagree. The article does not say when and where they made their comments.

    Ms Hyslop said: “We congratulate those who have been successful in the Catalan elections.
    “What happens next is a matter for the people and the Governments of Catalonia and Spain.
    “The constitutional arrangements in Scotland and the UK which paved the way for last year’s legally binding independence referendum, and a vibrant constitutional debate, were part of a process agreed by both the Scottish and UK Governments.
    “The constitutional arrangements in Scotland and the UK are clearly different to those of Spain and Catalonia but should we be invited we stand ready to share our experiences with Spain and Catalonia.”

    Ms Sturgeon said: “I’m sure many people in Scotland, given our recent experience of a referendum, will be looking with great interest at what is happening in Catalonia.
    “We know from the experience of the referendum that many Catalans look with great interest at what happens in Scotland, but we are two different countries with different circumstances, different situations, different experiences and the future of Catalonia will be decided by the people of Catalonia.
    “My view is that it was a credit to both the Scottish Government and the UK Government that our referendum happened as a consensual democratic exercise in self-determination.
    “I think Scotland has given the world an example of how to make these big decisions in absolutely the right way.”


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