The sheer bloody arrogance of nationalism

Excuse the title. Sometimes you have to say exactly what you feel.

I saw an interview in The Daily Record yesterday that first minister Nicola Sturgeon had just given to the Press Association. It was, the Record says, part of ‘a wave of reflection from key pro-independence figures as to why they were unable to win the argument’ a year ago in the referendum. Her words are worth quoting at length:

The Scottish public had really become engaged and enthused and empowered and informed about the referendum and all the issues associated with it … That is what I remember most about the campaign, just the sense of exhilaration and excitement and sense that the country really was alive with discussion about its future … I think we had a majority for Yes in people’s hearts but we just didn’t get that majority with head and heart aligned.

And she adds ‘the result was devastating for those of us who wanted a Yes vote.’

Well, that’s tough, missy. If you and the rest of the 45% hadn’t been devastated, I and the 55% would have been.

I just love the arrogance of nationalist politicians. Note that they had won many of our hearts but they didn’t persuade us to align our heads with our hearts. Absolute tosh and no attempt to understand what motivated the majority in voting No. Elsewhere she throws in the nationalists’ old favourite – ‘It was the Vow what done it.’ As someone I know says, ‘No appreciation and even less understanding.’ If she wants to know why people like me voted No, she shouldn’t mouth off to the media. She should go and read some of the serious academic research and polling around the reasons people said they voted No. The Vow had virtually no impact.

She not only knows why I voted No (SNP MP Dr Eilidh Whiteford would doubtless diagnose Unionist Head and Heart Misalignment Syndrome) she knows how we all felt during the referendum campaign – ‘engaged and enthused and empowered … the sense of exhilaration and excitement … that the country really was alive.’ More tosh. I felt intimidated, apprehensive, and the only sense I had was that the country (or more accurately countries) I belong to was in all sorts of existential danger. I still do. Because she and her political friends told a big lie during the referendum, that this was a ‘once in a generation opportunity.’

Is all that enough sheer bloody arrogance? It’ll do for me. Pass the sick bag Alice, as Private Eye used to say.

Footnote – ‘missy’ is what we sometimes called our young daughters when they were in a recalcitrant strop. It seems appropriate, at least on  this occasion, to apply it to Ms Sturgeon.

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3 Responses to The sheer bloody arrogance of nationalism

  1. Gordon Jenkins says:

    This article is simply a personal attack on the First Minister, who is entitled to her view wether you agree with it or not. I’m not sure I actually see the arrogance you writ about. She might be wrong about the reasons no won, but arrogant? Sorry I don’t see it from what you write.


    • Roger White says:

      Gordon – thanks for your comments. Would I be correct from this and an earlier comment you left on my blog that you are a nationalist, possibly even an SNP member? If so, that might explain why you seem unable to put yourself in my position (and the position of unionists generally) and see how her words were arrogant in relation to the majority who voted against independence. If you have no political position on independence I apologise for second-guessing your view but I stand by my comments in the article. If you are a unionist … well, that’s be a surprise!

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      • wujeanty says:

        Absolutely. To claim that you know how millions of other people think is arrogance personified. But it’s worse than that. It’s pure fantasy, and comes, I would contend, from the mind of a child – the mind, perhaps, of a 40-something who says that her views of the world have not changed since she was 16.

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