Dear people of Greece – some advice about Alex Salmond

salmond on greece

Dear people of Greece

We all know you’ve got some big problems at the moment and I don’t expect you’ll take much notice of noises from the North of a small island on the far side of Europe from you.

But just in case, and perhaps you’ll excuse the levity in your moment of crisis, all I’d say is ‘Beware Scots bearing gifts.’

The man who said ‘Well done’ to you and urged European leaders to respond constructively to your democratic voice doesn’t have a good track record in backing winners.

For years he praised the ‘Celtic tiger’ of Ireland. It went belly up.

For years he extolled the virtues of the ‘Nordic’ system. Iceland went belly up and Norway isn’t doing too great.

Since you’re having a little local difficulty with your banks, you should know that for years he praised one of our banks, the Royal Bank of Scotland, which grew to be the biggest in the world. He encouraged them to take over another big bank, ABN-Amro. The Royal Bank went belly up.

He’s praised the tiny state of Qatar in the Middle East as having ‘remarkable similarities’ to Scotland although we’ve not found out what they are yet. Indeed, they may have more in common with you since you’ve both got warmer weather than us and just as you had the Olympic Games they’re getting the football world cup 😉

I suppose what I’m saying is, watch out. As if you haven’t got enough troubles, praise from this man could be the kiss of death to your hopes of recovery.

And although it’s a noble thought that governments should respond to the democratic voice of the people, we had a referendum too. Since when his political party has done nothing but seek to subvert the democratic voice of our people expressed in that referendum. Still you had a 60% majority for your vote, so much bigger than our measly 55%.

Oh well, good luck. You’ll need it. Just don’t listen to any of the praise from our nationalist politicians here. It costs them nothing, it means nothing, and it won’t help you at all.

All the best.


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6 Responses to Dear people of Greece – some advice about Alex Salmond

  1. That’s brilliant Roger, thanks for cheering me up!

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  2. Eileen Crichton says:

    Absolute brilliant And so very true


  3. JOHN HOGG says:



  4. Peter says:

    First class and echos my sentiments exactly!


  5. Noone ever said democracy didn’t include the terminally stupid…


  6. Denise Campbell-Baldwin says:

    Didn’t realise that Salmond’s record was THAT bad!


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