A round of applause from the clowns – the SNP settle into the Commons

They clapped during their induction. They took selfies at the despatch box. And now the SNP clowns who represent 56 out of Scotland’s 59 House of Commons constituencies got in a round of applause on the first day of business in this session.

As you can see in the clip above, the speaker John Bercow rebuked them in tones more civilised than some of them deserve.

No doubt today’s nonsense was all well planned and some of them at least will settle down to the daily grind of parliamentary business. No doubt also that the collective, excuse me, piss take will play well with part of their support back up the road.

For the rest of us these sorts of childish antics bring disrepute to them and through a forced association, to Scotland itself.

On Twitter, new wet-behind-the-ears SNP MP Natalie McGarry sought to excuse the applause by denouncing the traditional ‘Hear hear’ normally used as approbation in the Commons as some sort of upper class, posh boy, misogynistic blah-blah-blah … you get the picture. I’d like to use her precise words but when I went to her Twitter timeline to check them I discovered that she’s blocked me. I’ve criticised her recently but have never abused her. That’s what democracy’s like in Scotland now. Elected SNP representatives block critical citizens from communicating with them. Like kids – hands over ears and ‘Nah, nah, nah, can’t hear you.’

The analogy with children is apt because in a way the new MPs are behaving like kids. Schools, all institutions, have common sense rules to make them work efficiently and that are for the benefit of everyone in them. No mobile phones during lessons, children. No applause when the House is sitting, big children.

If you think the comparison with children is offensive, think work. That has its rules too. Being an MP is, or was the last time I heard, work for MPs. At least wait for a while until you understand what’s going and why before you start disrupting the place.

Less disruptive, although also remarked upon was the fact that most of the SNP MPs sported white roses in their lapels today. You can catch a glimpse of them at the beginning of the YouTube video. I heard someone say, ‘Oh, it’s some sort of commemoration of a poem Hugh MacDiarmid wrote.’

It is. Here’s the poem.

The rose of all the world is not for me.

I want for my part

Only the little white rose of Scotland

That smells sharp and sweet—and breaks the heart.

In case you don’t know that’s the Hugh MacDiarmid who also wrote in 1940

Now when London is threatened

With destruction from the air

I realise, horror atrophying me,

That I hardly care.

Nice man. Gavin Bowd, author of Fascist Scotland, wrote about him in The Scotsman

As early as 1923, poet Hugh MacDiarmid was calling for a “native species” of Fascism and dreamed of a “neofascistic” paramilitary organisation, Clann Albain, that would fight for Scotland’s freedom.

And on the opening day of the new session of Parliament our democratically elected SNP representatives choose to commemorate him with their white roses.

Oh, and finally, before any passing nationalists bombard me with messages about my ‘clowns’ jibe I know it’s not literally true. I know there are serious, even decent, people in the group. Of course, they might find it difficult to make known their disapproval of the antics of their wilder colleagues. A new party standing order agreed at their 2015 spring conference says

No member shall within or outwith the parliament publicly criticise a group decision, policy or another member of the group.

This is Scotland. These are our elected representatives. I leave you to draw your own conclusions.

Quick footnote – everyone is reminding me that the white rose was a Jacobite symbol. Of course. So more looking backwards to the past and more divisiveness.

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7 Responses to A round of applause from the clowns – the SNP settle into the Commons

  1. stuart says:

    Spot on Mr White you might also find this of interest. http://ianssmart.blogspot.co.uk/2014/06/arthur-donaldson-and-others.html?spref=bl


    • Roger White says:

      Thanks for bringing this to people’s attention Stuart. I’ve tweeted reference to this article a few times and it usually produces a denunciation from a nationalist tweeter – which suggests to me that it’s closer to the truth than they’d care to admit. Your comment made me check the Wikipedia entries for both the SNP and Arthur Donaldson. I thought I could detect an element of air-brushing on both but don’t have the IT skills to see who’s been editing them and why. It’d be interesting to know if anyone does.


      • Stuart says:

        More on Hugh MacDiarmid here;


        The History of the SNP on Wikipedia is joke, no mention of the ‘Green Terror’ for a start;

        “In 1937, at a time of considerable anti-Catholic hysteria directed against Irish workers in Scotland, the SNP warned of a “Green Terror” caused by Irish immigration, and called for the Scottish people to be given the “key to the racial destiny of their country” or face a race war.”


        No mention on the Wikepedia article on Andrew Dewar Gibb that he was responsible for this;


        But read Ian Smarts Blog post and you learn more.

        Obviously, there were relatively few Jews in Scotland so Gibb seized on another target; Irish Catholics. You don’t need to take my word for this, he wrote a number of books about the danger of Irish Catholics to the well-being of Scotland. And just like the wee man with the moustache, since outright racism needed a rationale, he seized not on their origin but their religion as their “fault”. He was particularly outraged that “these people” (as he would have it) not only were allowed a vote but then used that vote to support the Labour Party. For he hated the Labour Party. But not quite as much as he hated the Communist Party, which he described as “too largely Jewish in origin”.

        There you are. One of Alex Salmond’s direct predecessors. Never disowned by the SNP to this day, nor mentioned on the SNP’s Wikipedia page.

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  2. GavMansell says:

    What a load of double standards crap! The behaviour of MP’s in the House of Commons has been an absolute disgrace for years. Childish and Clowns doesn’t come close. Now that a few Scott’s are treating it the the discontent it deserves, the “local” elites are up in arms! Good on em & keep it up.
    Keeping up with Tradition? Why don’t they try a new one like representing the people who sent them there instead of looking out for there own interests.

    I’m English by the way


  3. Spot on, Roger. You know that the clowns – unwittingly, presumably – were sporting English, not Scottish, roses? Mr Speaker treated them like wee kids. That’s how they behave. No doubt some of their supporters back home are delighted with their behaviour. I’m afraid there are Scots who think like that. The rest of us are deeply embarrassed by their playground conduct.


    • David Tunstall says:

      Do not forget William Wolfe who succeeded Donaldson. Behaved very badly over the papal visit in 1982.


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