Has peak anti-tactical-voting been reached in Scotland?

I ask because today the SNP’s ‘strategic communications director’ tweeted the ‘tactical voting wheel.’ In case you’ve missed it, here it is:

tactical voting whreel

(Click to enlarge – you know you want to)

I couldn’t quite work out how this diagram was a matter for the SNP’s strategic communications or why they’d want to publicise it for the majority of Scots voters who don’t want a significant SNP presence in the next UK parliament.

The accompanying text explained. An official in one pro-union party had himself tweeted the ‘wheel’ pointing out to local people that another party might be favourite to beat the SNP in a particular constituency.

Shock, horror. A major scandal brewing here.

The usual suspects have piled in, re-tweeting the SNP message (and thereby giving tactical voting more helpful publicity) and adding their own comments. I even engaged in debate with one or two of them but, surprise, gave up after a brief exchange as they wilfully or naively refused to get the point. The best response I’ve received so far, and trust me it filled my heart with joy, was this reasoned contribution to the debate:

ur no right in the head. Ppl shld vote 4 who they want. Get a grip ya desparado.

Well, he said it.

But here’s the question.

Why would so many people, starting with the SNP’s comms head honcho and working down, make such a big deal about tactical voting in the May general election?

Answer: because it’s a threat to the SNP vote.

Obvious really. You don’t waste your time and resources countering opposition that is ineffective. You concentrate on where the real threat lies.

So I think the answer to my opening question is no, peak anti-tactical-voting has not yet been reached.

But I’ll bet the SNP don’t circulate the advice on how to vote tactically again.

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3 Responses to Has peak anti-tactical-voting been reached in Scotland?

  1. A true desperado Roger!


  2. g4rve says:

    I think you’ve got that wrong.

    There are other, very good reasons why the SNP would want to make a noise about the current craze for tactical voting amongst unionists.

    Remember, it’s a large part of the SNP campaign to say that there’s very little difference between Labour and the Tories. Every time a Labour supporter advises voters to vote Conservative in a constituency it reinforces the argument. That’s doubly so when it’s actually a Labour officebearer like Robert McNeill was, before he resigned. So it’s no wonder the SNP want to shout it from the rooftops – it’s an absolute gift to them.

    Imagine if the tables were turned, and the SNP started advising their supporters to vote Tory to keep Labour out. Don’t you think Labour would be gleefully highlighting that fact?


    • Tam says:

      They are telling their supporters to vote SNP in GE rather than Labour which effectively guarantees a Tory government anyway so they kind of are, lol.


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