Bitten in the bum by serial promiscuity

I thought that might get you clicking through to read. If your motives were inappropriate, leave now, this is about politics not Fifty Shades of Grey.

Three days before Valentine’s Day, I published a post on The serial promiscuity of the SNP. Its tone was, just slightly, tongue in cheek. Judging by the number of folk who tweeted my notice of it, and their subsequent comments, it was appreciated. My thanks to them.

Of course readers who liked the post were unionists, like me. Today, I cited it in a Twitter exchange about something else and, wham, within an hour I had thirteen replies from two nationalists on Twitter. You can tell they’re nationalists because their Twitter profiles both sport the SNP twibbon. I see their tweets quite often. One posts some wonderful photos of Scotland but as for their political views, well we disagree. That’s all. There’s none of the nastiness that distinguishes some protagonists on social media.

When I saw their various comments on my post I knew replying on Twitter would be hopeless (constraint of 140 characters and all that) so I promised to respond here. I’ve edited their comments but not, I hope they’d agree, to change their intent.

I had asked ‘What do you think of my previous post?’

Said one

If the truth be told, sh*te [he’s a decent guy so I forgive him that]. An anti austerity position is not a new one as well you know … Attacking SNP policy for being SNP policy is the name of your game, no depth, no real substance … Your views on Tory/Labour policy would be something I would be interested in reading … But for the sake of our Union maybe better just keep your unbiased views on these parties quiet … Can’t help but feel disappointed, that whole piece reeks of agenda, nothing constructive

and the other

Your blog starts with an assertion that the SNP have jumped on a Greek anti-austerity program. It ignores the real economists’ debate … I found this view more credible … I look forward to your response. There’s more interest in your blog from Independents than Unionists :))

I think they’re may be a certain amount of tactical misunderstanding in these comments.

My previous post was not essentially about the SNP’s current position on austerity. I accept that has not sprung up overnight, although I do think the new Greek government’s position lent a certain boldness to the First Minister’s foray south to lecture the assembled masses at University College London on how to run an economy. I also think, but then maybe all political parties are the same, that the SNP are a little too prone to claiming credit when the economy’s doing well and to blaming someone else (in their case the UK government) when it isn’t.

The previous post was neither for nor against any particular policy but was merely pointing out, with examples, that every SNP policy has only one overarching aim – to move the country towards independence/separation. As will be obvious, I’m dead set against that. I take the point that I could criticise Conservative and Labour policies and in other places I do. But there is this difference. Neither of them wants to break up what I regard as my country.

Yes, my whole post reeked of agenda. My whole blog does. Nothing wrong with that. It’s just a different agenda from the SNP’s. I don’t expect my views to convince SNP members. I do hope they give some support and comfort to the majority of people who want to keep the union. And I hope they might help convince anyone who is undecided that keeping the union is by far the better option for Scotland’s future.

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