Ten reasons to not vote SNP

Sometimes you just have to cut through the (excuse me) crap.

A week away from Scotland in other beautiful parts of this United Kingdom – Anglesey and North Wales, the English Lake District – had me thinking again about what we all have in common. And it’s a lot. Take away the accents, the dialects and the local customs and we’re all pretty much the same.

That had me ruminating about reasons to stay united and, conversely, reasons to not vote SNP in the May general election. They say some of the most successful blog posts on the web are lists, so here’s my list of 10 Reasons To Not Vote SNP:

  1. They want to break up my country
  2. They want to break up my country
  3. They want to break up my country
  4. They want to break up my country
  5. They want to break up my country
  6. They want to break up my country
  7. They want to break up my country
  8. They want to break up my country
  9. They want to break up my country
  10. They want to break up my country.

I’d be happy to accept more politically correct variants of these reasons, like ‘Why break up one of the most successful unions of nations in modern times?’ But however expressed, and after my recent visit to all three nations that make up Britain, that’s it – my reasons to not vote SNP.

In the context of the general election, every other supposed aspiration of the SNP is hogwash – their opposition to Trident renewal; the veto they’d exercise over an EU referendum with those giants of Welsh politics Plaid Cymru; their ‘absolute’ refusal to enter into coalition with the Conservatives; their aim to ensure their duplicitous version of the ‘Vow’ is met; their determination to deliver home rule; and so on and so on.

Everything they do, every policy they have, is tactical – to achieve their one overwhelming objective of separation.

This is something that the 63% of the electorate who did not vote ‘yes’ in the referendum need to remember or be reminded of constantly.

Voting SNP is futile if it’s just because you’re hacked off with one of the other political parties, you’re a decent soul opposed to nuclear weapons, quite like the EU, want a bit more influence for Scotland at Westminster, or a bit more devolution. None of that is what the SNP’s about.

If you’re part of the 37% of ‘yes’ voters, or at least that proportion supporting the SNP, fine. Just don’t delude yourself. Be ready to live with all the many negative consequences of separation in order to be ‘independent’ and good luck to you. The rest of us will not be duped.

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