Little boxes: homage to Catalonia (sort of)

To be sung to the tune of Pete Seeger’s Little Boxes

catalunya vote

Catalunya’s little boxes

Little boxes made of ticky tacky

And they’ve all got little windows

And they all look just the same


And the windows let you see inside

Let you see who has voted Si

Let you see who has voted No

And you can see that Si’s ahead


And the polls are staffed by volunteers

There’s no doubt that they are decent folk

But I’ll bound that there’s not many Nos

Around to see all the Sis


80 percent were in favour

That’s a triumph counted any way

(Unless you count the folk who didn’t vote

When it’s just three in ten)


It’s a wonder, it’s a marvel

Say the Scotnats beaming from afar

It’s the will of the people

We want one as well


Catalunya’s little nationalists

Little separatists like their Scottish pals

They’ve all got the same agenda

And they all sound just the same

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