Voting in the referendum today

Well, no riots in the streets of Aberdeen today.

I had a postal vote but was casting a proxy vote for someone else (according to their instructions, of course). So I have actually got to visit a polling station. This is fit like it was.

The whole city’s covered in grey cloud and seems to have been for days. Who might take this as an omen and for what, God only knows, but it made for a damp walk through the residential streets, a few houses out of the hundreds I passed with Yes stickers, one with a No poster.

I vote in every election I can and for 10 a.m. the church hall polling station was definitely busier than usual although not a queue in sight at this time. An additional polling station had been set up in the community centre across the road so the council clearly ready for extra numbers.

I met a neighbour going in, a decent woman. I know nothing of her political views. ‘Desperate times,’ she said, so I guess she is a No too.

Yesterday on Twitter I saw a tweet from a Yes supporter that went something like

Hahaha! No campaign won’t even have enough observers to cover every polling station!

Outside my polling station there was one observer – wearing a No badge. I stopped to chat and told him about the tweet. ‘Yes,’ he said ‘No one from Yes has turned up but look, they’ve left a car outside in the street.’

So they had, a slightly scruffy estate plastered with posters inside the windows. It was a bit close to a pedestrian island and I did wonder if it might get a ticket. Oh dear.

On the way back home I took a diversion through one of the municipal cemeteries near Aberdeen’s Duthie Park. Scattered amongst the usual run of  monuments to bank managers and railway guards there were a half dozen or so Commonwealth War Graves Commission headstones commemorating the war dead – a 22 year old in the Gordon Highlanders killed in the first world war, a 17 (!) year old who was in the RAF, a 37 year old merchant seaman. I wondered what they’d think of their nation torn apart in 2014.

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