What’s good on the web for ‘No Thanks!’

In case anyone misses the separate No Thanks! page, I’ve started compiling a list of sites, pages and posts on the web I enjoy that one way or another set out a case for voting No in the independence referendum. You’ll find it on the menu above with the bland title Around the web.

I was trying to think what all these web placesĀ have in common and the answer may be not a lot. They’re very diverse – some polemical, some analytical, some emotional, and some with a touch of humour. None are negative in the way that the Yes campaign caricatures those who believe Scotland is better together with the other countries of the UK. And you’ll find none of the abuse that rants loudly but mostly to itself on the fringe of both sides of the debate.

I’ll be adding to the list over the next few weeks when more good stuff comes to my attention. The first addition since I wrote the list, Kevin Hague’s chokka blog, has already made an appearance.

As Around the web says, if you’ve got any suggestions for further additions, let me know. Thanks.

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