Promises, promises …

Trawling political party web sites can be a dreary business. All the shades of grey in the world are reduced to black or white. If we did it, it’s great. If they did it, the heavens have fallen in. Or if they haven’t, they will.

My scan of the SNP web site was a bit like this until recently – the same old, same old. And I say that without fear or favour to any other of the main parties, who are not that different.

The last few weeks has seen a bit of a change. They’ve started to list some of the things they say independence (under an SNP government, of course) will bring. I’ve counted thirteen so far. In the words of their own headlines and with my own explanatory comment in two cases, they are

  • Independence to slash cost of family holidays
  • Yes offers fairer deal for older Scots
  • Fuel poverty can be tackled with Yes vote
  • Yes vote offers prosperity
  • Childcare transformation will benefit 240,000 kids
  • Yes will give powers for a sustainable economy
  • Green sector boost with sovereign wealth fund
  • Powers of Yes vote will support regeneration
  • Threats to Barnett highlight need to vote Yes [the Barnett formula is the UK government’s calculation of extra funding for Scotland above the UK average]
  • Scotland can go further on living wage with Yes
  • Yes vote will release food and drink potential
  • BBC would be available after Yes
  • Yes means a Scotland worth coming home for [i.e for Scots living elsewhere].

What a cracker of a list! With doubtless more to come over the next few weeks it includes everything from the most general offer of prosperity to the most ludicrous and undeliverable detail, slashed (whatever that means) costs of family holidays. I haven’t spotted a kitchen sink yet but it’ll probably emerge from somewhere. As for the Barnett formula, that’s a complete non-sequitor. It’s under threat so vote Yes. Er, fine, but if you vote Yes there will be no transfer of extra funding from the UK government. It will all disappear.

Of course, the SNP isn’t the Yes campaign but neither of the other two political tiddlers brigaded with them is going to form any future Scottish government. No Thanks! will be keeping an eagle eye open for future promises of milk and honey. All will be noted in a postscript to today’s list.


It didn’t take long…

  • 14 July – Only independence can bring stability to the North Sea [presumably oil and gas rather than a Canute-like elimination of the tidal range]
  • 14 July – Only independence can unlock rural potential
  • 19 July – Yes vote will grow Scotland’s economy
  • 20 July – Yes could be positive for health
  • 21 July – Gains of Yes vote for small businesses highlighted
  • 26 July – Yes will release Scotland’s food & drink potnetial (sic)
  • 27 July – Yes vote will see wealth harnessed to cut poverty
  • 28 July – Yes vote offers fair day’s pay for fair day’s work
  • 28 July – “Yes vote to improve gender equality”
  • 28 July – Only a Yes vote can protect Scotland’s NHS
  • 30 July – Positive future for charities after Yes vote
  • 30 July – Choice between UK cuts or investment with Yes vote
  • 1 August – Yes vote to make Scotland fairer & more prosperous
  • 3 August – Report shows independent Scotland to outperform UK
  • 4 August – Sturgeon: fairness and opportunity within grasp
  • 6 August – FM: Yes offers ‘golden opportunity’ for business
  • 8 August – Yes is an opportunity for Scotland’s older people
  • 9 August – Scotland can be successful independent country
  • 11 August – Yes vote means fairer share of EU funds
  • 13 August – NHS to be protected from privatisation after Yes
  • 14 August – Sir Donald Mackay: ‘Yes means ‘stronger economy’
  • 15 August – Major oil find underlines bright future for sector
  • 15 August – Yes vote saving worth 2,300 FTE childcare staff
  • 17 August – Yes vote our one opportunity to protect the NHS
  • 18 August – FM outlines ‘opportunity of a lifetime’ of Yes
  • 19 August – Yes vote our golden opportunity to secure NHS
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